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This course is all about Fundamentals of Project Management. This course lays a strong foundation for those who are going to take PMP Examination with the latest edition of PMI Standards. 

This course contains 10 various sections consisting of 13 video lectures with over 60 minutes of quality training. All the lectures touch key fundamentals in a very professional way. 

This is designed by a Certified and Practicing PMP with enormous Industry experience. 

This course is recommended to those who are going to take PMP exams and those who want to gain deeper awareness of Project Management. this course facilitates enhanced understanding of Project Management and related aspects. 

This course is made with reference to; 

1. Project Management Body of Knowledge, Latest Edition. 

2. Author is a Certified PMP and Practicing Project Manager. His practical experiences are incorporated in the course. 

3. General details whatever available in the Industry.